KG (8)

w/c 1st August 2022
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery, we took part in an activity all around the book 'Whatever Next'! We read the book together, using the different props as they appeared in the story. We loved sitting in the 'rocketship' and trying on the colander 'space helmet'! 

We also got really messy exploring a sensory tray full of sticky gloop and soft shaving foam! We watched as the adults showed the stretchy textures as they poured onto the tray, then we got stuck in with our own hands, mixing it all together! 

We have also spent time looking after the toy babies this week. We have them a warm, bubbly bath, dried them with towels then had a go at dressing them afterwards!

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This week in Kindergarten we spent time looking at our Family Tree display! We really enjoyed the different coloured leaves, so went on to the art table and had a go at painting our own. We mixed the paints together to create lots of shades of green, noticing that some of them were lighter and some were darker! 

We have also been looking at different shapes and colours in the tuff tray. We were encouraged to share what colour and shape they could see, challenging our knowledge and communication skills! We found it fascinating to look through each shape, seeing the room and our peers turn different colours!

On Thursday it was Owl Awareness Day! We spoke about different kinds of owls, where they live, and what they eat. We also learned that they are nocturnal - which means they sleep during the day and stay awake at night! The children created their own owls using glue and different coloured feathers, and we had great fun making owl noises at each other!

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This week in Pre-School, we have been exploring the garden and our new resources! We used our amazing imaginations with the large tyres, stacking them up to make a secret hideaway. We also explored the large scales, noticing how filling up the buckets each side would cause them to tip and working out which side was heavier! 

We also took part in some al-fresco art work this week, helping to make chalk paints! We listened really carefully to the instructions from our adults, and helped stir the colours together. Afterwards we used paintbrushes to create drawings on the tarmac! 

Back inside we role played with the toy food in the kitchen! We used our own experiences to recreate cooking and serving delicious meals, sharing the play with our peers!


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