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w/c 18th September 2023
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have enjoyed lots of outdoor play, whatever the weather! In the lower gardens we explored the mud kitchen, as well as the tunnel which we played hide and seek in. 

On the rooftop garden we were interested in the bird feeder! The adults helped us as we scooped the seed into the feeders, we then looked up to the sky and pointed out the birds flying overhead!

Back inside we played a matching fruit game! We used great hand eye coordination to drop the right colour into the corresponding fruit. We've also had lots of fun playing with paint and playdough! We have been exploring the new textures and modelling the dough into different shapes.

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This week in Kindergarten we have been enjoying the wet and rainy weather! We put on our puddlesuits and wellies and had lots of fun playing in the sand pit and jumping in muddy puddles - Splash!

In the yurt this week we been learning all about looking after our toy babies. We enjoyed giving them cuddles and we took good care of them. We used our imaginations and experiences to expand our play - some babies had poorly ears or sore tummies, oh no! We talked about how we feel better in those situations, and how we could help our toy babies too. 

Inside we have been using the emotion stones to discuss and express how we feel. We learned that we all feel sad, happy, or even worried sometimes - and it's okay to feel those things! 

We've also had great fun playing with a dinosaur sensory tray! The dinosaurs have been stomping in the muddy water! We talked about the different types of dinosaurs and how they are now extinct!

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This week in Pre-School we went on a shape hunt! We had some cardboard squares, circles and rectangles to use as reference - we explored the garden, picking up different resources and matching them to the cardboard version. We were proud of ourselves when we made a match! 

We also had lots of fun searching for hidden objects in a tray full of shredded paper! We discovered the little fruit toys were hidden in the mix, and we were challenged to use the tweezers to pick them up! The different shapes and sizes of the fruit made this a great challenge and developed our fine motor skills. 

As the seasons are changing, we have been exploring some Autumnal invitations to play. Out in the garden we collected lots of natural resources, noticing the acorns and conkers are falling from the trees! We picked them up and brought them back inside, laying them out onto a tray. We used great describing words to explain the different colours, sizes and textures of what we had found!

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