DE B 5

w/c 18th March 2024
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been outside in the top garden looking for worms! We put on our gloves like the adults and were very brave, picking up the worms and holding them gently in our hands. We then moved them into a cup so we could watch them move around - wriggle wriggle!

Down in the Sensory Room we played Animal Bingo using the whiteboard! We listened to the voices in the game, and we took turns to go up and press the correct button. Some of them we weren't sure about so our adults supported us. At the end when we got our BINGO we clapped our hands!

In the big garden we had lots of fun discovering the water and splashing about with our friends. We liked pushing the boat through the water creating ripples!

Back upstairs in the role play room we had a little tea party with our friends! We served cups of tea and the wooden food - yum yum. We have also been exploring the train track, connecting them together and pushing the trains around. In the art studio we have been exploring colourful rice! We tried filling and emptying the different containers, and using our hands to explore. We also made some yummy flapjacks, helping to stir together the oats - delicious!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been celebrating St Patrick's day! We did this with lots of activities using the colour green such as green rice, green shaving foam, and green painting.

The children have had lots of fun using the very colourful parachute! The children held on to the parachute and we put a ball on the top of it. We then moved the parachute up and down and it helped to move the ball up and down! It was so much fun!

In the garden some of the children found a fairy house on one of the trees! We wondered how it got there...are there really fairies living in our trees? The adults explained to us that the fairies were very small and they would be very hard to see... but that didn't stop us searching for them! 

The mud kitchen has also been a big hit this week. We have some new equipment which we really enjoyed playing with. We made cups of tea for our grown ups - yummy!

Back in Kindergarten we have really enjoyed listening to stories. The children have also been exploring our sensory bubble wrap tray! The children really enjoyed listening to the sound the bubbles made when they were popped! POP!

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This week in Pre-School we made fruity smoothies! First we chose the fruit we wanted to use, sharing our favourites. We talked about using the dog knives safely, cutting up the bananas, apples and pears to be whizzed up into our snack - yum!

With the Spring sun shining we took a trip to Oldbury Court! On the way we noticed the signs of the changing seasons, pointing out the spring flowers growing in the woods - we recognised daffodils, and snowdrops! At the park, we used sticks to make marks in the sand pit which was very fun.

Back in Pre-School we have been refreshing our decking area with some new plants! We planted beautiful colourful primroses and sewed some sunflower seeds.

In the vegetable patch we went on a search for some numbers! We searched high and low and were pleased each time we found one - and once they were all collected, we were challenged to stand in numerical order!

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