Kindergarten (6)

w/c 18th July 2022
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery, babies have been finding different ways to keep cool in the heat! 

Outside in the lower garden they have been emptying and filling different sized containers in the water tray, navigating the challenge of the watering cans and bowls as they fill up and start to get heavier!

Back inside there were lots of splashes and water play in the paddling pool, as well as chilled out snacks like frozen yoghurt - delicious!

Some children really enjoyed the light switch board too, experimenting with cause and effect by pressing the different buttons multiple times to see what would happen!

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This week in Kindergarten have been reading books in the garden whilst enjoying some sunshine! The children pointed at the animals in the book and made the sounds for each animal they could see on the page.

Back inside, some children have been using leaves and water to create magical potions! They used spoons to scoop up the bubbly water, and tried using the tweezers to pinch the leaves and put them into pots.

In the tuff tray children explored different colours of paint, discussing the different textures they could feel! They used paintbrushes to paint their hands and the stamps, making lots of repeated patterns on the paper.

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This week in Pre-School, the children have been getting creative with pipe cleaners! They experimented with bending and twisting them, noticing they looked like gangly insect legs and creating their own grasshoppers and spiders!

Pipe cleaners made a reappearance later in the week, whilst the children were exploring dried pasta and paper cups. The group used their amazing imaginations, deciding that the cups of pasta were birthday cake and the pipe cleaners on top were candles - blow it out and make a wish!

Out in the garden there was lots of discussion and interest in the birds nesting in the trees. The children were curious about the nests, so took a lot at what different shapes and sizes of nest there are and even had a go at making their own from sticks!

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