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w/c 18th December 2023
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been getting really festive ready for Christmas! In the art room, we have been making salt dough decorations, helping the adults to make the dough and roll out different shapes. We then gave them to our cook Sarah to put in the oven for us! When they were done we decorated them using lots of paint and sequins to take home and put on our Christmas trees!

Also in the art room, we have been making lots of other Christmas crafts! We made pictures to take home and explored a snowy-themed sensory tray filled with flour and cotton wool.

Meanwhile, in the role-play room, we have really enjoyed dressing up and trying on Santa hats, playing peekaboo with our friends, taking them on and off. What a busy festive week!

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Kindergarten have had such a lovely week counting down to Christmas! We have been getting into the festive spirit with a snowy snowman tuff tray full of Christmassy coloured pom poms, and in the art area, we've been making lots of jolly pictures to take home to our families!

We’ve been having so much bubble-popping fun, all while dancing to Christmas music and showing off our moves - wow! We’ve also been learning so much this week - this has included using flash cards to expand our vocabulary, and animal games to help us learn our prepositions.

Our fine motor skills have been put to the test with lots of building, with colourful cubes, magnet tiles, and Lego. We wrapped up warm in the garden and embarked on lots of climbing and exploring in the big garden - and of course more bubbles and ball games!

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This week in Pre-School we are so ready for Christmas to come! We have been making our very own Christmas cards to take home, using decorations and mark-making utensils from around the Pre-School room!

We also explored our technology resources with our friends - the iPad, interactive whiteboard, and our very own Pre-School camera – we took some cheeky silly faces pictures for fun, say cheese!

At the end of the week, we had a surprise little visitor sssssslither into Red Bus - Linguine, an albino baby corn snake! Linguine belongs to Aneka, who reminded us to use gentle hands and stay as still as possible when holding or touching him. We were fascinated with watching him move around!

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