DE B 9

w/c 17th June 2024
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been celebrating the Euros Championship with some football themed activities! We explored a  small world invitation to play, a football field complete with miniature players and a cotton wool ball. We reached in and moved the people around the tray, back and forth and scoring goals!

We've also been getting creative in the art studio, using red paint on white paper - this meant we could create a version of both the England and Denmark flags, how clever!

Out on the rooftop garden we've been loving the summer sunshine, although it's so nice we have the big shades too for when we want to cool off. We've been exploring Sand Land, using our hands and tools to manipulate the sand into big piles and to dig big holes too!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been celebrating Father’s Day! The children’s dad’s and carers came into to do some activities with the children.

Out in the garden we have enjoyed lots of water play! This really helped to keep us cool in the summer heat. This week we have had some new resources. We had dinosaurs! We had a dinosaur hunt out in the garden. When the children found the dinosaurs they had lots of fun playing with them ROAR!

Back inside we have been trying to catch some fish! This helped with our hand/ eye coordination and gave us the opportunity to count the fish and to talk about the different colours!

Kindergarten have been very creative this week! The adults covered the art table in foil and gave the children some paint. They had lots of fun painting the foil and listening to the sound of the foil! We have also done some sticking and mark making with lots of different coloured pens!

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It has been a busy week in Pre-School! Some of us got stuck into a colour mixing activity, using our brushes to blend colours together. We noticed if we mixed them for long enough, we could create a new colour - wow! The adults showed us the colour wheel and explained how we can make new colours this way.

We've also been mini scientists this week as we explored volcanoes! We used food colouring, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar - mixing it all together created a great eruption of fizzing and bubbles, wow!

We've also been busy exploring our Core Book, the Colour Monster. This has led to lots of great discussions about our emotions - in the book, they talk about feelings having a colour such as yellow being happy and and green representing calm. We all shared which colours we felt on the day, and what can make us feel that way!

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