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w/c 16th October 2023
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been creating pumpkins using apples and Halloween colours! We used the apple halves as stamps to create pumpkin shapes on the paper, we enjoyed the repeated up and down motion of the stamps and experimented with mixing colours together too!

We've been exploring our senses with a tray full of 'spooky spaghetti'! Some of us used our hands, delving into the pile of pasta and exploring the slippery, stringy textures. Some of us utilised cutters and rollers, manipulating the mixture. 

We also went on a special Halloween trip! We walked to the Greengrocers on a hunt for pumpkins, and we keenly spotted lots in the shop window displays on the way. At the shop we had a huge selection to choose from, we picked some very large ones and some very small ones too!

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This week in Kindergarten we have started celebrating Halloween! Some of us went on a trip to the Greengrocers to buy a pumpkin, it was really big and very heavy! Whilst in the greengrocers we spotted lots of other types of fruit and vegetables, and decided to try them. We bought a grapefruit, nectarines, mango, courgette, persimmon, plums, and dragonfruit - what a feast! 

We also bought plantain, which we thought looked like a really big banana! But the adults explained that whilst it looked like a banana, it was a different fruit and needed to be cooked before we could eat it. Back at Red Bus we did a tasting session - we discovered some fruit was sweet, but some were sour! 

The adults then used the dragonfruit to dye some pasta, which we could then explore. The pasta looked as purple as a beetroot! We used our hands and different resources to pick up and move the pasta, and we noticed our hands had turned a little purple too!

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This week in Pre-School we went on a lovely Autumnal walk! There were so many things to spot and discuss on the way, we talked about how the leaves on the trees had changed colour and were starting to fall to the ground. We spoke about how this is a sign of the changing seasons! We then arrived at the play park and had so much fun on the swings and slides. 

Back at Red Bus, we had a go at creating our own potato heads! This encouraged us to really think about facial features and identities. We discussed how we all have different hair, eye, and skin colour and wear different clothes every day. 

In the art room, we have been exploring the colour wheel! We talked about the three primary and three secondary colours - the adults challenged us to name all the different paints we had available, and we did a great job. We then experimented with mixing colours together to see what happened - we discovered we could create brand new colours, wow! 

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