Pre School (16)

w/c 16th May 2022
This Week at Downend


This week Nursery have been having fun with the ducklings! As well as visiting them in Pre-School, the children explored a pond themed tuff tray. The children picked up the small world people and animals, making them jump across the stepping stones and SPLASH into the water! 

Babies have also enjoyed spending time in their new sensory area! They climbed into the ball pit, having lots of fun throwing the balls back and forth with the adults, and explored the sequin boards!

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This week in Kindergarten, the children have been getting sandy outside! The children played with a variety of resources - toy trucks, dinosaurs, spades and rakes. They moved each toy around the tray, observing how each object left marks in the sand!

Back inside, some children learned all about shapes. They were given the challenge of matching pieces of paper to their correlating shape on the tray, as they did so they talked to the adults about what makes each shape different - counting how many lines and corners each one has! 

In the dining room, some children helped to make yummy smoothies for snack! The children had a go at carefully using a knife to cut up the fruit into smaller pieces, and added them all to a jug to be blended. Delicious!

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This week Pre-School have been enjoying the sunshine, being creative in the garden! The children were very brave, dipping their hands and feet into paint and moving it across the paper, seeing what different marks they could make. 

The role play area has been transformed into a Primary School, and this week children started to explore the resources there! The children had a go at trying the uniform on, some children even independently dressing themselves. As they played, the children shared which schools they would be going to and talking about all the things they will do at school!

Some children took part in a self portrait exercise this week, looking at themselves in the mirror. They talked about what they saw, what we have in common and what makes us all unique! The children then had a go at drawing themselves with pencils, practicing pulling faces in the mirrors!

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