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w/c 15th January 2024
This Week at Downend


This week Nursery have enjoyed popping bubbles and watching the bubbles come out of the bubble machine. Babies have enjoyed watching them float around all different sizes small ones and really big ones!! 1,2,3… POP!

In the art room babies have been playing with boats and splashing in the water alongside their friends splash splash!!

On Thursday a small group of children went on an adventure with Chelsea and Steph. The destination was our local library in Downend where the children independently picked out their own books that they wanted to read. They then went and sat with Chelsea and Steph reading lots of different books. We all had so much fun!

This week we have also been learning about feelings, looking at different feeling pictures and showing expressions alongside the adults.

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This week in Kindergarten we have been busy with our letter recognition and learning the first letters of our names. First we started out in the tuff tray, where we traced over some clay letters with paint and a paint brush. We felt really grown up when we got to do writing on whiteboards and make marks to form letters with the whiteboard pens, we also practiced our skills on paper too.

Our letter forming didn't stop there as we took to forming letters with cotton buds in a floury tuff tray as well as exploring large letter print outs. We also were practising even more fine motor skills this week with some scissor work. We really carefully cut out the different lines laid out for us and when we were ready, we could move onto the sharper scissors which we had to be really careful with.

The week wouldn't be complete without a messy activity. We loved painting our hands and printing them on to paper for Martin Luther King day.

Elsewhere, we were so intrigued by a visit from the stick insects. We gave them fresh leaves and if we wanted to we could even hold them. Their legs were very funny and tickly!

We've been so excited by our new sand and water tray this week! We loved transferring the sand to the water and the water to sand to see what would happen and how this would change the textures within the trays. It may have been chilly outside but we still got to make sand castles, and even our small world animals love exploring our new trays!

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This week in Pre-School we have been creating wonderful animal models with magnetic sets, which really tested out our hand eye coordination!

We have also been exploring at our mini city adventures, talking about how important each service is and acting them out! Some of us were police officers firefighters or even helped out working in the hospital!

This week it was Winnie the Pooh Day, so we explored all things Winnie! We decorated a bear, and made yellow playdough. We had so much fun also doing a Winnie The Pooh hunt in the garden with Kerri. We even spoke about  Winnie’s favourite food which is of course...HONEY!

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