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w/c 14th August 2023
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery, we have been joining in with a science experiment! We listened and followed the instructions, dropping food colouring through the foamy 'clouds'! We talked about what might happen when we did so, and watched as the water dropped through like rain! 

We have also been exploring a beach themed tuff tray! We mixed the sand with the foamy 'sea', noticing the different textures. We also built sandcastles in the sand, and role played with the different sea creatures! 

We've also been exploring a small world car wash! We used pipettes and brushes to add foam and water to the cars, then once they were squeaky clean we pushed the cars around the road saying 'beep beep'! 

We've also been developing our fine motor skills, using the handy scoopers to pick up cotton wool balls and colourful issue paper!

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This week in Kindergarten we celebrated the Independence Day of Pakistan with a magnificent green tuff tray! We got stuck in, mixing the green paint and incorporating stamps, brushes and our hands into our play to make marks. 

Later on the tuff tray transformed into a paediatric hospital, where we took care of some poorly babies! We used our imaginations to discuss why they might be unwell, applying bandages and using the medical tools in the right way. We talked about how doctors and nurses look after us, and that some of us want to be medical professionals when we grow up!

It's been a colourful week in Kindergarten, as we explored all our senses! Inside we played with a beautiful scented tray, containing homegrown mint and flowers. We gave it all a sniff and talked about what we were experiencing, and practiced our pouring sklls using the different utensils. We've also been getting mucky in our mud kitchen, zooming along in our cars and tractors and mark making! 

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This week in Pre-School we have been exploring our interest in sea life! We looked at books, discussing the different animals you might find in the sea - we then furthered this interest with a sea themed tuff tray! 

In the garden we noticed the apples have been falling from the fruit tree - we used these in our play, making yummy 'apple pie' in the mud kitchen! We also spent time in the nature area, deciding to make a 'bonfire' in the firepit and working together! 

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