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w/c 13th November 2023
This Week at Downend


To start our week in Nursery we went on a trip out into our local community and went to Downend Library! We read lots of books with the adults and independently too. We had so much fun! 

In the art room, we have been taking part in Children in Need themed activities. We decorated a Pudsey Bear by using cotton buds and pom poms! We also played a game where we placed Pudsey onto the bigger Pudsey - doing a great job of finding Pudsey’s eyes, nose, and ears!

We have been enjoying popping bubbles with our hands and attempting to blow bubbles while using the wand - this made us all giggle!  

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This week in Kindergarten, we went on an Autumnal Walk! We talked a lot about staying safe and learned about crossing the road carefully. We came across a pelican crossing, and we learned how to use it - red means stop, it isn't safe to cross! Green means 'go' and you can walk to the other side. We also remembered to look both ways beforehand!

Whilst out we talked about all the things we could see - lots of autumnal leaves on the ground, and the airplanes in the sky. We also visited the local greengrocer, who had so many different types of fruit and vegetables! As it was World Kindness Day this week, we drew some pictures which we handed out to the people who worked there and other members of the public. 

Back in Kindergarten and we've been all about shops! We have a new role-play shop in the room - it has a card machine, conveyor belt, and different types of play food. We showed great cooperation as we played with our peers, taking on the different roles of shop owner and customer!

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In Pre-School we started the week with lots of Jigsaw puzzles and mark making, followed by dressing up as characters or people who help us. We loved dressing up and talking about the important who help us!

Maddie set up an activity focusing on road safety, so we talked a lot about the traffic light colours and how to cross the road safely.

This week we also went on a trip out to Oldbury Court Park! Playing in the leaves and on the playground we had so much fun!

The children have been demonstrating great teamwork this week! building bridges together and creating different ways to travel around the garden. Looking at pictures of the outdoors and talking about places we have been.

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