w/c 13th June 2022
This Week at Downend


This week in Kindergarten have also spent lots of time outside! The children were particularly keen on riding the bikes and scooters, following the racetrack and carefully avoiding their friends and obstacles!

Some children explored 'painting' with water on the ground. They noticed the water turned the tarmac a darker colour, and had fun experimenting with different marks and shapes. They then looked on as the sun made the marks disappear - how does that happen? 

Back inside some children cooled off in the art area, making masterpieces with the paint dabbers. The children tried stamping them up and down and sweeping across the paper, talking to the adults about what they had drawn!

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This week Pre-School also spent time in the covered sandpit! They  noticed the sun had made the sand very hard and dry, and cleverly suggested adding water. The children watched as this changed the texture of the sand, and managed to build brilliant sandcastles with it!

In the construction area some children played with the wooden planks, leaning them against the fence to turn them into ramps! The children then tried rolling down balls and cars, seeing how fast they went!

Even the guinea pigs enjoyed some of the summer weather this week, as they took them outside for some fresh air. The children made sure they had lots of fresh water and veggies to eat too!

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