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w/c 12th February 2024
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we celebrated Pancake Day! Firstly the children made pancakes, which they decorated with different toppings of their choice. They enjoyed having these at snack time with their friends - yum!

On Wednesday we celebrated Valentine's Day! We explored a sensory tray full of red rice with beautiful petals - the children enjoyed filling and emptying the containers, and moving the rice around in the tray. 

In the Dining Room, we made some love-heart Valentine's shortbread! They helped add the ingredients into large bowls and used their hands to help knead the dough and roll it out with a pin. We then used the shape cutters to create hearts! Once cooked and cooled, we decorated them using icing. 

We also went on lots of trips this week! We went to the local charity shop to find some books to bring back for our friends. We also picked up pancakes and toppings to share! 

We also made pancakes out of play dough, rolling it out with a rolling pin. We also used the role-play frying pan, learning how to flip the pancakes and catch them back in the pan!

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It's been a busy week in Kindergarten where we celebrated Pancake Day and Valentine's Day! We took part in lots of lovely Valentine's crafts where we made pretty pasta bracelets and cards for our loved ones. We enjoyed making playdough pancakes and added colourful toppings before we made our way to the dining room where we had some real pancakes covered in berries and syrup - how delicious!

In the art studio, we've been having lots of fun with our paint dabbers where we experimented with coloir and technique. We brought some colour outside to the garden where we mixed water and paint where we could see the transformative effect of mixing colours with water on the ground. The fun didn't stop outside where we practiced our gross motor skills with some throwing and catching games. We also enjoyed some dancing to music with our friends!

This week we also took some time to practice our fine motor skills with mark-making on the whiteboards and practicing using tweezers to pick up pom poms. The week wouldn't be complete without some messy activities - this included muddy farm tuff trays and lots of transferring in our sand and water tray!

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This week Pre-School had the opportunity to take a walk to the Library, the children explored a variety of books – some that they were familiar with and could re-tell and some that were new to the children, which gave them some inspiration for books they’d like to have at Pre-School to read!

Pancake Day! The children enjoyed celebrating Pancake Day with various activities set up within the room. A pancake-making activity using resources from messy play such as playdough and shaving foam, the children created their pancakes and spoke about what toppings they would like to have on their pancakes.

The children watched stories using the interactive whiteboard in the sensory room – they watched the story of The Big Pancake and The Runaway Pancake

Valentine’s Day! Today we spent time exploring Valentine’s themed activities, in the morning the children made love potions using pink cornflour gloop, pom poms, and various containers to fill, pour, and scoop. We also had pink-scented playdough with creepy, crawly, LOVE bugs! For the children to find, hide, explore, and name. The children had various heart-themed craft activities and spoke about the people they love. For a snack, they had strawberries, raspberries, and pink milk!

The children had another outing to Page Park, exploring community areas and spending time looking at the birds in preparation for National Nest Box Week. Pre-School spent time listening and watching the birds fly around, and the sounds they made!

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