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w/c 11th September 2023
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been joining in with some fruit and veg painting! We were invited to use carrots, peppers, potatoes and more - their differing shapes and textures made for an interesting challenge as we picked them up and stamped them onto paper. We also tried different movements, as our adults showed us we could roll the veggies across the paper too!

We've also been getting stuck into a dinosaur themed tuff tray! We picked up the toys and stomped them around, and we talked about what dinosaurs might eat and drink. We also enjoyed practicing what sounds they might make - ROAR!! 

In the Curiosity Room this week we really loved playing games on the interactive whiteboard. We all worked together to 'pop' the balloons as they appeared, and listened to the adults as they explained the different colours we were seeing!

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This week in Kindergarten has been very busy! We have spent a lot of time developing our mathematics skills, exploring puzzles and threading. We focused really well whilst completing the jigsaw puzzles, we discussed what numbers we could spot and had a great time counting! We also completed some alphabet puzzles, which helps us start to recognise letters too. The threading activity was a little tricky at first, but our adults helped and encouraged us and eventually, we were able to do it!

In the garden we have been fascinated with the apple tree, where the fruit has been growing! We talked about the apples, the different colours and sizes of them all, and some of us were able to pick some from the tree!

Back inside we have also been exploring sticking. We used lots of different coloured materials, and learned how to spread the glue carefully too!

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This week in Pre-School we learned about and celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year! Apples and honey are usually eaten around this time, so we made our own paper mache apples using balloons and newspaper! We were curious to find out what happened to the mache, as we came back to it and discovered it had dried and become solid and hard - wow!

Elsewhere in the art studio, we experimented with handprints! We turned this into a larger conversation, where on each finger we wrote or drew something that we liked. We all had some great ideas for this, from our families to playing in the park to what we like about ourselves!

We also explored our magnetic resources this week! We tried lots of different surfaces in Pre-School, noticing that sometimes the magnet would be attracted to it, and sometimes not. This led to lots of discussions about why that would be, and trying out even more surfaces to make sure!

As you can see we love our new calming lights in the sensory room.

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