w/c 11th July 2022
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery, some babies have been exploring the stacking toys! They focused really well, picking up each piece and working out how they fit onto the wooden pole - developing their fine motor skills. Some children even tried stacking them up in size order, largest to smallest, then tipping it upside down so it all falls out!

With all the warm weather this week, babies made sure to keep cool with some water play. They really loved the turtle shaped sprinkler, and were fascinated with the water shooting out at random! The children tried running through it and placing their hands in the stream of water, causing lots of splashes!

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This week in Kindergarten, some children learned about Bastille Day! They looked at different pictures of people celebrating, and noticed that there were a lot of fireworks. The children then tried making their own fireworks, dipping cardboard tubes into paint! They used a stamping motion all over the paper, watching how the colours of the paint would fade.

Out in the garden some children have been keeping cool with some water play. They were invited to use a variety of resources - cups, jugs, sieves and spoons! They tested out lots of different ways to carry water, watching how it falls through the holes of the sieve and flows over the top of smaller containers!

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This week Pre-School also took part in some water play, trying out painting with it! They noticed how the water would make the wooden planters a darker colour, and experimented with different lines and patterns all across. Later on they noticed that their marks had disappeared - wow!

Back inside there have been lots of gardening invitations to play! Some children took part in an art activity, looking carefully at photographs of different flowers. They discussed the similarities and differences between them - colour, number of petals, and size! Afterwards they all picked a flower to draw, carefully coping the colours and shapes they could see.

Some children explored a sensory tuff tray, filled with soil, plant pots and spades! The children carefully moved the soil into the pots, even adding artificial flowers to make their very own mini gardens!

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