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w/c 11th December 2023
This Week at Downend


This week Nursery have been making Christmas shortbreads - delicious!! We helped the adults put all the ingredients into a large bowl. We helped with the mixing and taking it in turn, and helped roll out the dough using a rolling pin. We then used the Christmas cutters making all different Christmas shapes! Which one is your favourite Christmas shape?   

We also enjoyed our new Christmas books, joining in and reading them with the adults. We couldn’t wait to get to the back pages for the lights!  

We have been super busy crafting and getting excited for the festive holidays by making Christmas cards, reindeer food, and calendars for our families using glitter paints, pipe cleaners, glitter, and so much more making for the perfect festive fun! HO HO HO!  

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This week in Kindergarten we went on a trip to Lincombe Barn. The children had so much fun exploring and playing in the park. They really enjoyed going down the slide, we learned that we need to carefully walk up the steps and then go down the slide - wheeeeeeee! Some of our adults went on the slide too! The children also played on the swings and the rocking horse.

In Kindergarten it's been all about Christmas! We have been celebrating it by doing some messy play. We made a snowman with shaving foam and we added some pom poms for buttons and the eyes and mouth. We then added a carrot for his nose and some pipe cleaners for his scarf! We had so much fun!

The children and staff in Kindergarten have also been singing Christmas songs. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

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Lots of fun activities in Pre-School this week! We have been getting ready for Christmas by making Christmas cards, using everything and anything to stick onto our paper including using one of our favourites, the glitter paint! We used our hands to carefully stick pom poms and glitter to the paper.

What a day we had celebrating and learning all about Hanukkah, one of our parents joined us and taught us all about the Hanukkah festival and the meaning of the holiday She read a story to us to help us understand all about the holiday, we decorated biscuits and made handmade menorahs to celebrate!

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