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This Week at Downend (W/C 8th March 2021)

This week in Downend, Nursery were ready to learn all about farm animals… but they had to find them first! Hidden amongst a pile of shredded paper, the children had to dig down deep to find all the cows, sheep and goats. The children listened carefully to the adults and copied the noises that the animals made – baaing and mooing were their favourite! Nursery also upcycled a pool noodle for a new use, cut in half it created wall car ramp! The children were able to start their cars at different heights and watched carefully as they zoomed down to the bottom. Elsewhere this week the babies flexed their creative muscle to make their very own Mother’s Day cards, ready for the weekend. They have also been caring for others, involving themselves in role play as a Doctor’s GP – the children even cared for the toy babies as their patients! Babies have also been exploring different musical instruments, discovering that some are really loud and others sounded quiet.

This week Kindergarten wrapped up warm, put on their wellies to to explore outside! In the garden they talked about all the changes that happen during Spring. They learned about the trees getting their leaves back and observed the spring bulbs starting to grow – they were even able to spot some daffodils! In the yurt some children were able to use paint to create masterpieces, focusing on mixing colours together to create new colours and used different patterned rollers to create textures! Inspired by reading The Gruffalo for World Book Day, the children used the characters to create a story board, completing the story as a team.

This week in Pre-School, the children have been getting very creative making lovely Mother’s Day cards to take home! The children made beautiful bouquets, painting their hands to make big petals and using forks to make tulips. Outside this week the children had lots of fun role playing with empty cardboard boxes. Using their amazing imaginations the children went to space in their rockets and transformed into robots! Pre-School have been developing their mathematics skills this week, recognising and writing different numbers with chalk.