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This Week at Downend (W/C 7th June 2021)

This week at Downend, Nursery have been mark making al-fresco! The children explored drawing with chalk on the floor, making big circles, lines and squiggles on the bricks. The guinea pigs have also enjoyed time outside in the fresh air, and the babies have been keeping a close eye on them. They have been feeding them lots of fresh veggies, and using very gentle hands to stroke them! Babies have also spent lots of time in the rooftop garden this week, climbing high on the apparatus and exploring the different tools in the mud kitchen. 

Kindergarten this week have been using their amazing imaginations with cardboard boxes. The children explored together all the different things they could create, building spaceships, robots and mysterious dragon caves! In the summer heat some children have been relaxing in the shade with books, reading independently and taking turns with their peers.   

This week Pre-School have been learning all about numbers! The children were tasked with finding all the different apples that had been hidden around the garden. Once they were found the children worked out if they could put the numbers in order from lowest to highest. Pre-School’s role play area has been transformed into a primary school, and the children have been getting stuck into all the different resources here. They have been practicing getting dressed in uniforms, learning about school routines and role playing as teachers making registers! Pre-School have also been learning all about oral health this week. They discussed their teeth, and what we can do to keep them clean and healthy!