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This Week at Downend (W/C 6th September 2021)

This week at Downend, Nursery have been making faces! The children explored the Potato Head toys, looking at the different eyes, noses, ears and more. Drawing from knowledge of their own faces, they carefully pushed the parts into the right places on the body! Nursery have also been role playing this week, exploring the toy tills. The children interacted with the staff, responding to questions and pretending to buy different objects – and saying thank you at the end! Outside in the garden there was lots of fun had with bubbles, as the children leaped, jumped and stretched to pop them all!

Kindergarten this week have been developing their fine motor skills with a sandy tough tray! The children experimented with how different objects leave marks in the tray, and used the toy diggers to scoop up and move the sand around. Some children have been expressing themselves through fancy dress, trying on lots of different outfits. As they did the children talked about the different colours of their clothes and role played as royalty, giving lots of twirls! There has been lots of sensory, messy artwork in the art studio this week as the children explored making marks with toy cars and trucks. The children enjoyed pressing the vehicles into lots of different colours, mixing them together and leaving tyre tracks on the paper!

This week Pre-School have been making smiley faces! The children drew lots of different emotions, and explored using scissors. They discussed how to use them safely and carefully cut around the outlines of their faces.  In the main room children have been testing their memory skills with some matching games! Pre-School showed great patience and cooperation as they took turns to flip the tiles and see if it matched their board. There was also lots of excitement this week as Pre-School welcomed Anna and Elsa, the guinea pigs! The children have been very caring and kind, watching them as they played with their toys and feeding them their snack. The children talked about all the things we have to do to keep our pets happy and healthy!