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This Week at Downend (W/C 5th April 2021)

This week in Downend, nursery children adventured outside to collect some of the flowers we have growing, they dipped them in different coloured paints to use for stamping to create beautiful bright pictures. Inside the children played with the bubbles, they were able to stretch and reach up high on their tip toes to pop the bubbles. The children have also been exploring and raced different colour shape and sized balls down the run to see which ball would win. They also enjoyed some arts and crafts, they all had a clip board and paper and created pictures.

As the weather has been changing a lot recently the children in Kindergarten focused their week on all different weathers. They learnt of the different seasons and were able to talk about what they notice is different outside, the children talked about how they can see bright flowers outside, how the sun shines and makes things warm. The children then used the tuff trays to create moon sand, they mastered the technique and created lots of different coloured sand, they squeezed the sand in between their fingers, made different shapes and rolled balls between their palms. The children became their very own doctors and nurses this week and even had the hats to match, they talked about different ways to look after each other and what they can do when someone isn’t feeling well. The children also started to look at their balancing skills, they tested to see what leg they could stand on for longer and found that holding their arms out straight and wide could help.

This week the children in Pre-School have enjoyed using the rainbow pebbles, they had to carefully copy the colours and patterns from the pictures. In our small world area the children discussed and made different homes for their animals, some had beds made of pillows and some other animals had beds made of hay! We had scientists in the making as they helped the practitioners weigh out ingredients and mix together to create their very own playdough, they used rolling pins and shape cutters to create different textures and patterns. Our new room is nearly ready for the big reveal, however the children were allowed a glimpse of some of the new technology and sensory toys we have, looks like it was a real hit