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This Week at Downend (W/C 31st May 2021)

This week at Downend, we have all been outside enjoying the warm, sunny weather! In Nursery the children explored water play, with a tray full of bubbles and toys. The babies enjoyed making lots of splashes with the water, and role played ‘cleaning’ the animals with a cloth. Back inside some children experimented with the paint dabbers, perfect for little hands to grab onto! The children were encouraged to share the different colours, and worked together to decorate a big piece of cardboard. In the art area this week some babies made lots of interesting patterns using toy cars! The children moved them through the paint and discovered all the different marks they left. 

Kindergarten this week have been mini-chefs, creating some saltdough pizza! The children looked at all the various ‘ingredients’ – paper mushrooms, matchstick cheese and glittery herbs – and chose what they wanted to decorate their bases with. They then used the different rollers and pizza cutters to shape the dough! Outside the children kept cool with lots of water play, exploring a pretty glittery water tray full of sea creatures. The children noticed the glitter swirled and moved when they put their hands in! The children also used different measuring cups and jugs with the water, and discovered that these objects are very heavy when full, but lighter when all the water is tipped out! Back inside some of Kindergarten worked together on a communal masterpiece, on a large piece of cardboard on the wall. The children shared the paints and brushes, and talked about the different colours they were using! 

Pre-School this week have been exploring water in a different way. The children talked about different toys, and whether they would float or sink in the water. They then tested out their ideas! Some children have been exploring shapes this week, mark making with cardboard stencils. The children showed great control tracing around the different shapes, and then enjoyed colouring in the outlines left behind! Pre-School also got stuck into a breakfast themed sensory tray, complete with real china teacups and saucers. The children knew to be careful with the real china, but scooped, squished and crunched the different cereal with their hands!