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This week at Downend (W/C 30th August 2021)

This week at Downend, babies have been getting stuck into an animal themed sensory tray! The children could explore lots of different textures – crunchy cereal, fluffy foam and squishy baked beans – picking it up with their hands and moving the toy animals through. Some children even discovered they could make marks in the different mixtures with their hands – this is great for developing the skills they will later need for writing! Out in the rooftop garden the children have been brave in exploring the climbing apparatus. Navigating this requires lots of different skills – balancing, coordination and core strength. Whilst the children are closely supervised, they are encouraged to explore independently which creates confidence! Babies have also spent lots of time exploring the abuses and bead toys. Not only are these resources great for fine motor skills, but they encourage early number recognition too!

Kindergarten have been exploring different ways to create artwork this week! They explored using the yurt windows as an easel, mixing different paint colours together and experimenting with the different patterns and shapes they can make. Kindergarten have also been excellent explorers this week, getting stuck into a variety of trays and activities. Some children used magnifying glasses to discover the hidden animals in the tray, then had the clever idea to introduce the toy trucks and cars! Others took a more gradual approach, using paintbrushes to sweep the sand in the tray revealing lots of different objects. As each toy was discovered the children were asked if they knew what it was, developing their vocabulary and communication!

Pre-School have been getting into stuck into lots of different mathematic resources! The children played with the stackable pebbles and shapes. Some children focused carefully on copying the shapes and colours provided on pictures, whilst some chose to express themselves by creating whatever they wanted! In the garden the children have also been getting creative, going on a search for natural materials to create their own funny faces. The children found leaves, twigs and stones and carefully pressed them into salt dough to make eyes, noses and mouths!