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This Week at Downend (W/C 29th March 2021)

This week at Downend we have taken part in so many different Easter activities!

Nursery went on a very special Easter egg hunt, finding all them hidden around the room! The children collected them together into a tray, and set to exploring them. The children noticed that some were wrapped up and needed to be carefully revealed, and also that some felt different – some were heavy, and some were lighter! The babies carefully broke them open to discover lots of different materials and toys on the inside. In the rooftop garden this week babies explored an Easter themed sensory tray, using their hands to move through the shredded paper to see what they could find. They discovered mini carrots, eggs and chicks – wow!

Kindergarten this week have been getting super creative! Some children discovered the Easter shaped stickers, independently choosing which ones to carefully stick down onto their paper. Out in the yurt some children also flexed their artistic muscles with an egg shaped collage! With this activity the children used glue, developing those fine motor skills by placing the glue onto the paper before adding their feathers, sequins and tissue. Beautiful!

This week Pre-School have been creating fantastic Easter bonnets! The children focused really well as they threaded ribbons through the weaved fabric, and used glue to stick down some Spring-themed shapes. Elsewhere this week Pre-School have been developing their mathematics recognition, matching up broken eggs so that the amount of dots is the same as the number on the other half! And in the art studio this week children have been looking carefully at different patterned Easter eggs, and trying out their own patterns too. The children did amazing jobs of coping the straight lines, waves and shapes on each one.