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This Week at Downend (W/C 27th September 2021)

This week at Downend, Nursery have been making a splash in the water trays! The children approached the green water and used their hands to make waves and bubbles, picking up the different sea creatures and moving them through the water. In the art area children explored colours this week, in a tray full of brightly coloured paint! The babies used paintbrushes to make marks, mixing the paints together and making lots of shapes and patterns. In the sensory area some children have been exploring feathers. They used their hands to feel the fluffy textures, and pick up handfuls to throw high in the air! Discovering that objects can have various weights and sizes is an early part of Mathematics in the EYFS – and very light feathers are definitely a learning experience!

Kindergarten this week have spent lots of time outside in the Autumn sunshine! They have been exploring the garden, looking carefully for signs of the seasons changing. The children found fallen leaves, gathering them up and throwing them up into the air! They also discovered the different textures of horse chestnuts – feeling the spiky shells and smooth conkers inside. In the yurt there has been more Autumnal activities, as the children painted masterpieces using yellow, orange and green paints. By sticking the paper onto the window of the yurt, the children could see the sunlight shining through all the colours as they painted! Kindergarten also worked together on a throwing game. The children showed great focus and coordination as they took turns to get the beanbags into the basket!

This week Pre-School have had so much fun exploring their new garden resources! They explored the mud kitchen, using real life pots, pans and trays and role playing together. The wheelbarrow was also very popular, as children discovered they could not only transport bricks and toys – but other children! Back inside in the art studio the children explored mark marking using natural resources. They experimented with using leaves, twigs and conkers to paint with and discussed the different patterns and shapes they made! As part of the Harvest Festival some Pre-Schoolers explored a tray full of fruits and vegetables. The children took turns to explore each one, and discussed where they come from – do they grow in the soil underground, from plants, or trees?