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This Week at Downend (W/C 26th April 2021)

This week at Downend, babies have been exploring the role play food! The children discovered the vegetables that were hidden amongst the plants and grass, and looked at the different textures and colours of each one. The rooftop garden also hosted a tuff tray mini-carwash! The babies moved the toy vehicles through the soapy water, creating lots of bubbles and splashes and cleaning it off with the flannel cloths.

Toy vehicles also appeared indoors this week, as the children got stuck into a messy tray full of paint and shaving foam! The children used their hands to mix everything together, and discovered how the cars left marks in the paint as they moved it through.

Nursery have also been discovering the construction blocks. Some children carefully built their own towers, using their fine motor skills to balance each piece on top of the other, whilst others enjoyed the toppling of the towers at the end! 

Kindergarten this week have spent time looking at the natural world, and the animals that are starting to re-appear for Spring! The children have kept a close eye on the bug hotel, checking for any new visitors. They looked at the posters next to it to see if they could identify any of the creepy crawlies!

Inside this week some children explored making Silly Soup! They listened to the words of the song, and searched to find the different ‘ingredients’ that were called out. The children focused really well during this, and recognised the different colours and shapes that were hidden around the room.

Kindergarten also explored using the tweezers this week in a matching activity. The children showed great control as they used the tweezers to carefully pick out each colour and match it to the correct sign. 

This week Pre-School have been exploring their sense of smell. The children played with a tray full of foam, using wooden sticks to move the fluffy mixture and sniffing to discover the different scents!

Some children have been exploring a Medical-themed role play this week! They looked through the different bandages and plasters, used the real life resources and talked about how doctors and nurses help us to feel better.

Pre-School have also spent time at the lightbox this week, which had been painted to show lots of different environments. The children played with the toy animals, and talked about where they thought each animal lives – dolphins in the shiny sea, and pigs and horses in the muddy farmyard!