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This Week at Downend (W/C 24th May 2021)

This week at Downend, Nursery have been exploring the train tracks! The babies focused on trying to make the pieces fit together – turning them round, flipping them over and trying different shapes to connect the pieces. They then moved the trains around and around the tracks they made! Out in the garden some babies have been getting physical on the soft play, navigating the varying heights and textures with great balance and coordination. It’s always quite fun to leap from one to another, or land on your tummy! Back indoors in the art studio, some children explored mark making with string. They carefully dipped the string in paint and explored how it can leave squiggly, wriggly patterns!

Kindergarten this week have also been mark making, exploring a table with mysterious shapes underneath…the children were given crayons and discovered all the different shapes by drawing over them! In the yurt this week some children have been learning about symmetry. The children painted lots of different shapes and colours onto one side of the paper, and explored what happened when you fold the paper in half – “It looks like a butterfly!” Back inside Kindergarten have also been talking about their teeth, and what we need to do to keep them clean and healthy. The children explored the model mouth and shared how to brush their teeth! 

This week Pre-School have been adventuring under the sea! The children explored an Arctic ocean tuff tray, full of toys and textures. The children recognised the different animals, felt the crinkly foil ‘ice’ and squished the blue paint underneath the clingfilm! Pre-School also took part in a texture activity this week, as they explored a table full of various resources. The children took turns to pick up each item, and thought carefully about what each one felt like. “This sandpaper is scratchy, but the cotton wool is soft.” Some children particularly enjoyed popping the bubble wrap! Elsewhere this week children have been exploring new wooden threading resources, using their fine motor skills to move the material through and around the holes, making patterns!