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This Week at Downend (W/C 22nd March 2021)

This week at Downend, Nursery have been searching for fruit! The babies had to use all their senses, seeking high and low for the different fruit that was hidden around the garden. They were so proud of themselves each time they found a piece!

Some babies have been getting into the Spring spirit, decorating their own bonnets. The children chose to adorn their hats with beautiful blooms and little chicks, placing them carefully down. The Easter activities didn’t end there as some babies explored a tray full of shredded paper, discovering all the flowers and eggs hidden in it!

Some babies this week explored a road map tuff tray, using toy vehicles to explore the town. The children discovered the different parts of the map such as the helicopter pad – and waited carefully at the zebra crossing in case there were any pedestrians!

This week Kindergarten were introduced to their new ‘song spoons’! The children used their amazing imaginations to transform these spoons into microphones, drum sticks and even a guitar. The children took turns to choose the music, and danced and sang to all their favourite songs!

At circle time this week some children read ‘The Colour Monster’, where the confused monster works through all his different emotions. Kindergarten then used mirrors to look at their reflections and discussed what different feelings can look like – they noticed how their smile is upside down when they feel sad, but when they are happy it’s the right way up with lots of teeth showing!

Kindergarten have also been playing with the toy babies this week, caring for them as they feed them, change them and pat them off to sleep! The dolls help to give the children a greater understanding of themselves, and the world around them – linking their responsibilities to care for the baby to their own carers! 

Pre-School this week have been enjoying the warmer weather and spent lots of time in the garden! Some children used chalk to create a game of hopscotch, and enjoyed taking turns to hop and jump across. Other children brightened up the garden by drawing lots of rainbows! The children also noticed all the different flowers that are starting to bloom, spotting tulips and daffodils. These became inspiration for their own floral masterpieces, using pencils to copy the different colours and shapes they could see. 

Pre-School have also been taking part in the NDNA’s ‘Happy Body, Healthy Me’ project – a week full of different well-being activities. Some children looked at the different types of weather, and discussed what different clothes you would wear depending on if it’s warm, cold, windy or rainy! The children looked at their local community, finding Red Bus on the map and taking turns to talk about their journeys from home and the different types of buildings they see on the way. Some Pre-Schoolers have been getting to know their new pets stick insects! The children used very kind and gentle hands to observe them, and learned all about how to care for them and feed them properly.