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This week at Downend (W/C 19th April 2021)

This week at Downend, babies have been getting messy with powder paint. The children stirred the paint into water, discovering how the mixture changes texture and using brushes to make marks in the tray – and the garden fence!

Elsewhere in the garden the children explored an activity involving tubes and plastic balls – red, white and blue in celebration of the Queen’s birthday, of course! The babies focused really well during this activity, discovering that some balls wouldn’t quite fit in some of the tubes, and working out how to solve this by changing the sizes. 

Back indoors this week the babies explored a dinosaur themed activity tray. The children used their amazing imaginations with the toys, moving them around the grass and trees and practicing their T-Rex impressions – ROAR!

Kindergarten this week have also been celebrating the Queen’s birthday. As a group they sang ‘Happy Birthday’, and looked at her portrait – they all decided her hat was very pretty – and decorating their own crowns with sparkles and sequins!

In the Yurt this week some children acknowledged Earth Day with a natural messy play activity. The tray was full of twigs, leaves and stones all mixed together with gloop, the children used rollers and brushes to mix it all together and then later used their hands to stretch the sticky mixture! 

Out in the garden some children explored the small world vehicles, making their own ramps and roads out of construction blocks – great thinking! Kindergarten worked really well together to move the cars and lorries up and down, and watched as gravity helped the toys whizz down the ramp.

This week Pre-School took part in lots of regal activities! Some children wrote birthday cards for the Queen, and discussed what presents they thought she might like. Some children carefully explored scissors and glue to make their own beautiful crowns. And at the art table some children painted pasta pieces to thread onto string, creating beautiful necklaces fit for a royal! 

Out in the garden some children have been exploring measuring and size with the construction pieces. The children made towers of differing heights, gradually making them taller and taller – eventually making one as big as they are! 

Pre-School also got stuck into an icy activity, exploring colourful frozen discs. They chose from a variety of tools – tweezers, spoons, brushes – to move the shapes around. After some time, Pre-School observed how they become melted and more slippy, and eventually a puddle of water!