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This Week at Downend (W/C 17th May 2021)

This week at Downend, Babies have been exploring all the different ways they can make marks! Some children used paint, learning to grasp the brushes in their hands and move the different colours onto paper. Out in the garden the children explored the chalk, using it on different surfaces such as the fence, floor and grass with different results each time! Back inside some babies discovered a creepy crawly tuff tray, full of bugs and insects. The children examined each animal closely, making them move and jump across the floor!

Kindergarten this week have been viewing life in multicolour! The children have been exploring the coloured lock boxes, learning that they can look through them to change how they see the world. They looked outside and marvelled at the orange clouds and blue grass! Inside the yurt children have been exploring a threading activity, choosing different colours and shapes to carefully place on the string. The children focused really well during this activity and developed their amazing fine motor skills! Back in the main room some children have been making marks using toy vehicles, exploring the different patterns they can make by dipping them in paint. Afterwards they helped to clean the cars with some soapy water! 

This week Pre-School have been exploring the herb garden! They took some cuttings of the mint and thyme plants, and put them in special jars. Pre-School then took it in turns to feel the leaves of each plant, and smell their scent! In the art studio some children explored making artwork with natural resources, like leaves and string. The children carefully dipped the objects in the paint and discovered the different patterns they leave on the paper. Pre-School also got stuck into a Very Hungry Caterpillar activity, reading the book together and seeing if they could recognise the different fruits and vegetables on the table!