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This Week at Downend (W/C 15th March 2021)

This week in Downend Nursery have been spending lots of time outside! The babies have been helping plant bright Spring flowers in the front garden, using different tools to dig the soil and place them in. They learned about how plants need water and sunshine to grow, the children also painted some rocks to hide amongst the planters! Elsewhere this week babies have been exploring a small world sensory tray filled with rolling fields, flowing rivers and real jungle leaves. The children moved the animals around the tray and explored the different habitats, using their senses to explore the natural resources. Babies also enjoyed some Jurassic fun this week, exploring the dinosaur toys and learning about how they are all different. Some had spiky backs, others have wings and could fly!

Kindergarten this week got out to enjoy the sunshine! The children made their own shadow puppets, choosing from lots of different animals, then ventured out into the garden to find the sun. The children were then able to find the animal shadows in lots of different places in the garden. Back inside the children celebrated St Patrick’s day by making their own shamrocks! The children decorated their paper with green glitter and sequins to make beautiful masterpieces. Kindergarten also created their own musical concert, complete with guitarists, drummers and pianists. After exploring the different instruments the children then listened to lots of different types of music, hearing the high notes of classical and feeling the beat of the rock music drum solo!

This week in Pre-School have been exploring ice! All the children had the chance to pick up the giant ice shapes, and they talked about how they think ice can be made. The children then used pipettes filled with different dyes to explore how the colours change. They also celebrated St Patricks day by using a variety of green materials to make their own shamrock collages. Outside in the fresh air the children also explored mindfulness, and had some ‘zen’ time with ‘Meddy Teddy’! The children read his book and practiced the different yoga poses such as the tree and the dog. They also took part in a juink modelling activity, seeing what they could create from empty cardboard boxes!