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This week at Downend (W/C 10th May 2021)

This week in Downend, Babies have been exploring lots of sensory activities. They have been getting creative in the garden with different coloured paints in between cling film. The children used objects of all different shapes and sizes to move the paint in between the layers. The children celebrated Eid this week, they used different coloured tissue paper to create stain glass windows and also had cut out of hands and were able to design their own henna patterns.

In Kindergarten this week the children were also celebrating Eid, they drew around their hands and used different colours to paint them. When the rain started the children used their inside time to practise their letters, they followed the guides the practitioners created to write their own names. When the sun finally came out, they played lots in the garden, creating paintings on the yurt windows. 

In Pre-School this week, the children spent lots of time in the garden. They wanted to make their own musical instruments so they hung up saucepans and frying pans and used different utensils to bang against them, they created different volumes and rhythm depending on how hard they hit the pans. The children also loved looking for a variety of mini beasts in the garden, they found a snail and got to watch it slowly move across the leaves in the garden. In Circle time the children read ‘Aliens love underpants’ and afterwards the children got to decorate their own cut out pants and used their fine motor skills to hang them out on the washing line.