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w/c 9th May 2022
This Week at Downend


This week at Downend, Nursery have been getting messy with some mark making! The children had lots of different tools to choose from. Some experimented with the rollers, repeating the back and forth motion to leave patterns on the paper. Some had a go at using the toy animals, stamping them up and down!

Some babies went to visit Pre-School this week, as the ducklings began to hatch. The children watched as the adults held them in their hands, and even had a go at stroking them gently!

Babies have also spent lots of time in the garden enjoying the Spring sunshine! This week they really loved the hammock, taking turns to get in and swing to and fro, looking up at the sky and noticing the clouds and birds!

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This week Kindergarten explored colour with a science experiment! They were presented with a rainbow selection of water, and as the adults linked them with paper towels they talked about what might happen. Will the water move? What will happen to the colours? The children were pleased to find out the answers!

Kindergarten also used their powers of observation on a nature themed tray this week! They were challenged to find the different insects and minibeasts hidden around the tray - each time they found one they showed the adults and they discussed the name and look of each bug!

Thursday was International Nurses Day, so the children spent some time learning all about nurses, what they do and how they help us. They then decorated their own nurses hats in the art studio!

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There has been lots of activity in Pre-School this week as they welcomed seven new arrivals! The duck eggs arrived and very quickly hatched, the children were fascinated with the process and watching them learn to walk, quack, drink and flap! Some children have been very brave and carefully picked them up, making sure to be gentle all the while. 

In the dining room this week Pre-School have been making their own snack! The children talked about healthy choices, and their favourite food. They then helped to make smoothies, cutting the fruit into small pieces and blending it together - yum! 

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