Pre School (7)

w/c 8th November 2021
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, the children have been taking part in lots of poppy themed activities to honour Remembrance Day! Babies have been creating artwork, making apple prints using red paint and using a paintbrush to make a dot of black in the centre.

Out in the garden some babies made clay models using natural resources! The children searched for different materials such as twigs, leaves and bark, and pressed them into the clay. As they did the adults talked to the children about the different textures and sensations they could feel! Elsewhere some children found the fairy garden, picking up the different toys and role playing with them, finding their home hidden amongst the trees!

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Kindergarten this week have also been getting creative for Remembrance Day, exploring an tray full of different red resources. The children picked up the paper, pipe cleaners and pom poms and moved them around the tray - some children even matching the correct colours to the poppy painted underneath!

In the art studio some children made collages, carefully picking up small pieces of red paper and sticking them down. Some children also explored a playdough tray, scented with rosemary for remembrance. The children rolled out pieces of dough, used different cutters to make shapes, and explored the scent coming from the dough and their hands! 

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This week Pre-School have been learning about Remembrance Day! The children explored a tray that had been set up like a memorial service, complete with poppies. As a group the children discussed what they thought the people might be doing at the service, and learned why we remember the people who help keep us safe and celebrate them with poppies.

Some children also explored a lightbox tray which was filled with different red, green and black objects. The children experimented with arranging the objects by colour and some even counted out how many they had!

Out in the garden Pre-School also had some creative fun with clay. First the children each took a handful of clay, and moved it around with their hands. They noticed it that it was very cold, and a bit sticky! They experimented with forming it into different shapes, and decided to decorate it with various leaves and sticks they found in the garden!



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