Pre School (3)

w/c 7th March 2022
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, Nursery explored sea animals with an ocean themed sensory tray! The children played 'peekaboo' with the blue fabric and picked up the different toy creatures they could find, showing them to their adults.

This week some babies have also been exploring colour together! As a group they looked at the wooden frames, noticing how their view changes through each one. They listened to the adults as they explained what the different colours were, and enjoyed sharing them with their peers!

Babies have also been learning about their reflection with the emotion mirrors. They recognised their own faces and experimented with pulling different expressions, frowning, sticking their tongues out and saying "cheese"!

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This week Kindergarten's role play area turned into a Post Office! The children tried writing their own letters, discussing who they would send them to and why, then posted them in the post box!

Kindergarten also got stuck into a mathematics themed tray this week. They were invited to use tweezers to pick up and move a variety of objects, but with the added challenge of navigating the strings laid across the top of the tray! The children used their blossoming fine motor skills to pick up the objects, changing their strategy depending on their size and shape. They noticed the numbers in the tray and tried counting out how many pieces they could find!

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Pre-School have been looking to the stars this week, learning all about planets and our solar system! They looked through some space themed books and photographs, and tried making their own planets and galaxies out of paper plates.

Coming back down to Earth, some children have been talking about recycling. They looked at the different materials we use during the day, and how we can re-use and recycle them. They sorted them into different categories and talked about how recycling can help the planet!

Out in the garden this week Pre-School enjoyed a game of skittles! They were very creative, using different movable objects such as a toy vehicles and tyres, pushing them towards the cardboard tubes to see how many they could knock down!

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