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w/c 7th February 2022
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, babies have been all about outdoor play! They wrapped up warm to spend lots of time exploring the garden resources. In the lower garden they experimented with the percussive instruments, hitting the triangles together to make a variety of noises!

In the rooftop garden some children explored the construction area, using the foam bricks. They used their developing hand eye coordination and balance to stack the shapes together, building them up into a tall tower!

Some children also got stuck into a messy artwork activity, painting with mud! The babies explored the different textures of adding the soil to water, and used plant pots to scoop it up and make marks on the easel!

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Kindergarten this week have also spent lots of time outside in the fresh air. They have been exploring all the amazing ways we can move our bodies, climbing on the apparatus, crawling through the tunnel and navigating the differing heights on the balance beams!

Back inside children have been learning about emotions, for Children's Mental Health week. As a group they read through some books and discussed the different feelings we may have - sharing the things that can make us sad, or happy!

In the art studio the children created crafty collages using different blue and green paints! They used paintbrushes to make marks across paper plates, and decorated them with shredded paper on top to produce an underwater scene.

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Pre-School have also been taking part in Children's Mental Health Week with an outdoors yoga session! The children did a great job of copying the poses, practicing their balance and coordination, and practicing mindfulness in nature with some breathing exercises. 

Some children went to the dining room this week for a wellbeing music session! They had a mixture of traditional and non-traditional instruments to choose from, using the percussion instruments as well as wooden spoons and kettles. The children experimented with making noises in different ways, and did a good job copying the rhythms from the adults! 

Out in the garden there has been more social bonding as Pre-School helped each other in the garden! Some children were travelling over the obstacle course when their peers noticed they could support them by holding their hands and cheering them on. How kind!

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