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w/c 6th December 2021
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, Nursery have been very busy making their own Christmas cards! The babies used lots of different stamps, exploring how to press them into paint and then to paper. They repeated the process lots of times, watching how the shapes they left can change and trying out different colours of paint too. 

Babies have also been exploring the new lower garden equipment this week! They showed a particular interest in the xylophone, using the beater to tap the different tubes and create higher and lower pitched sounds. They also worked out that hitting the tubes harder created a louder noise, and more gently they made a quieter noise -great job!

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Kindergarten this week had lots of fun with a playdough tray! They used different cutters to make shapes with the dough, developing their language and communication by naming the shapes they made! 

In the art studio some children created their own fluffy snowmen! They listened and watched carefully as the adults explained how to glue the cotton wool, pipe cleaners and paper pieces down and followed the instructions really well. 

In the dining room this week Kindergarten have been baking up a storm, making some gingerbread men! The children worked together to mix the flour, butter, sugar and ginger into a dough and took turns using the cutter to make their shapes. They were very curious about the ginger, giving it a sniff and trying to describe it - "It smells like flowers!"

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Pre-School have been very busy this week with lots of Christmas activities! They helped to decorate the tree that had been delivered, discussing where to put the baubles and even topping the tree with a star! 

The children have also been writing their letters to Father Christmas, talking as a group about what they each would like and drawing it for Santa! 

In preparation for Thursday's Christmas dinner, the children spent some time in the art studio making their own paper crowns! They used stickers, sequins and pencils to decorate their crowns, and were very proud of the end result - they look great!

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