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w/c 4th October 2021
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, babies have spent lots of time outside in the fresh Autumn air. There was lots of interest around the horse chestnut tree, as each day the children ventured out to see if they could find any new conkers! Back inside the children have been exploring the small world toys, as they start to create worlds and use their imaginations to role play with toy vehicles and people. There was also a celebration in Nursery this week, as the children said goodbye to some peers who are moving up to the Kindergarten room and some who are moving to a new setting. The children played games together, and  of course enjoyed some cake!

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Kindergarten this week have been practicing oral health with the model teeth! The children sat and focused really well in this activity, as they took turns to share how they brush their teeth at home. They then used real brushes to practice their technique! In the art studio Kindergarten have been getting into the Halloween spirit, making some spooky monsters! The children used clay, shaping it however they chose and decorating it with sequins and pipe cleaners. This activity allowed the children to express themselves creatively, deciding if their monster had multiple eyes, pointy teeth, or long furry legs like a spider – eek! In the yurt this week there has been more expressive art, as the children explored making hand prints on paper. They enjoyed getting messy, experimenting with the different types shapes they could leave with their hands.

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This week Pre-School have been developing their building skills, exploring an activity with role play clothing, tools and wooden building blocks! The children loved donning their hard hats and high-viz jackets, and worked together to decide what to build from the blocks. Outside in the garden Pre-School have been exploring the mud kitchen, expanding their creativity by making delicious food! The children discussed what they were making, recalling recipes and ingredients and presenting their finished dishes to the staff – yum! Back inside some Pre-Schoolers took part in a mini-football match, as a tuff tray was transformed into a pitch. The children showed great coordination and control as they used small world people to ‘kick’ the ball to each other, and tried to score a goal!

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