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w/c 4th April 2022
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, Nursery have been exploring lots of activities that develop their fine motor skills! They had lots of fun with a challenging tweezer activity - working out how to use them and move them around the string to pick up the toy insects hidden below. 

They also got stuck into a messy shredded paper activity. Some children used their hands to pick up the paper and throw it high up in the air, whilst some explored sticking their feet into the tray to move the mixture around!

Nursery have also spent lots of time in the garden this week, having a go on some of the physical equipment! With support from the adults they navigated the different heights and terrain, developing their balance and coordination. 

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Thursday was World Health Day and Kindergarten celebrated by exploring lots of different fruit and vegetables! They took turns to pick them up, discussing what they could see, feel and smell with each piece. They noticed some of them had seeds inside, and talked about how we can use those to grow more vegetables!

Outside in the yurt this week some children explored the stacking magnetic toys! They focused really well, noticing that some pieces would stick together and some wouldn't - trying new tactics and problem solving to build tall towers!

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This week in the dining room, Pre-School made some yummy banana milkshakes! They looked through the recipe and copied the steps, helping to cut up the pieces of banana and add the milk - then pouring out a serving for everyone to enjoy. 

There have also been lots of Easter themed activities in Pre-School this week! In the art studio there were plenty of mark making opportunities - some children created Easter collages using stickers and foam pieces to decorate their paper, some explored using fluffy paint to paint beautiful pastel coloured eggs!

The children also get stuck into a squishy foam tray, scooping up big handfuls of foam and discovering they could make marks in the tray with their hands!

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