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w/c 3rd January 2022
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, babies have been having lots of fun developing and practicing their walking skills. The children have been pulling themselves up on the physical equipment and walkers, strengthening their leg muscles ready for independent steps! The babies also enjoyed a game of peekaboo on the baby gym, hiding from the grown ups and popping up laughing! Babies also explored the musical instruments this week, picking up the different percussion and experimenting with the different sounds they could make.

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It's been ever so chilly this week, as Kindergarten discovered when they went outside to play and noticed the water tray was frozen! The children gathered round to explore the ice, breaking it apart and picking up pieces. They noticed it was very cold to touch, but was starting to melt in their warm hands! Back inside the children explored a tuff tray full of toy animals on different fabrics and textures. The children role played with the animals, moving them through the different areas of paper, fake grass and even hiding them in the tree in the centre!

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A new year always bring new faces to Red Bus, and Pre-School this week have been welcoming the new children who joined the unit! They spent lots of time forming bonds with their new key people, as well as playing with their new friends and exploring the resources in the room. They had lots of fun using the wooden mathematics toys, recognising the numbers on the base and stacking the correct number of pieces on top. Out in the garden Pre-School had lots of fun playing with the chalk. They tried drawing lots of different shapes, and even learned how to play hopscotch!

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