Pre School (9)

w/c 31st January 2022
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, babies have been exploring a mess free activity! The children used their fingers to move paint around under clingfilm, making marks across the paper. As the children played the adults commented on what they were doing, naming the colours as they mixed them together!

To celebrate Lunar New Year and the year of the tiger, some babies got stuck into a sensory tray full of brightly dyed rice and tiger masks! The children used their hands to mix the rice together, feeling the different textures and role playing with the masks. 

Babies have also spent lots of time exploring books this week! The children really enjoyed the animal themed ones, turning the pages independently and pointing out all the different animals they could see. 

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This week Kindergarten have also been celebrating Lunar New Year with a firework themed sensory tray! The children swirled and mixed the different coloured rice together, scooping it up with their hands and pouring it back down to the tray. The children also made lantern collages, sticking down pieces of paper to make beautiful artwork!

There was some life-sized artwork this week as the children explored huge pieces of paper on the floor! They decided to explore outlines, lying on the floor and drawing around their bodies. Afterwards they looked at the different shapes to see if they could spot their different body parts!

Kindergarten have also explored some Harry Potter themed activities. They explored a magical tray full of  feathers, pipe cleaners - and of course, magic wands! The children role played  with the wands and feathers, and then later on had a go at mark making with them using ink!

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This week in Pre-School we have been busy with lots of different activities! Indoors children have been celebrating Lunar New Year, exploring a red themed sensory tray and making their own paper lanterns. 

Out in the garden some children explored making music with the garden resources. They used the beaters to hit the xylophone, experimenting with hitting the higher and lower notes and making loud and soft noises!

Elsewhere in the garden this week some children have been exploring clay, creating wildlife themed objects! As a group they talked about what kind of animals we might find in the wild and what they look like. The children then made their own clay hedgehogs, collecting sticks for the 'spikes'! 

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