Pre School (8)

w/c 2nd May 2022
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, Nursery have been on some outdoor adventures! They explored lots of natural resources such as leaves, twigs and feathers. Some babies then had a go at creating some crayon rubbings, with the leaves placed underneath the paper.

Some babies also got stuck into a dinosaur themed tuff tray! The children picked up the toys and moved them through the environment, experiencing the different textures of the leaves, grass and rice.

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Kindergarten have been learning all about animals! They explored the new insect toys that had been hidden amongst some natural resources, the children took turns finding them and showing them to their peers.

The children took a particular interest in butterflies too, looking at their beautiful wings and how they transform from caterpillars. In the art studio the children had a go at making butterfly prints, enjoying the sensation of paint all over their hands!

In the dining room a group of children did some baking this week, whipping up some delicious cookies. The children helped add the ingredients to the bowl, stir it up, and form the biscuit shapes ready to be baked. Yum! 

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This week in the Curiosity Room, Pre-School have been talking all about families! They discussed their own families, and how everyone's family can look different. They then had a go at drawing their families on the interactive whiteboard, discussing each person and why we love them!

Pre-School also worked on a collaborative activity this week, mark making in the garden! The children used a long piece of paper with paint, but decided to get creative with different tools. They experimented with using the leaves from the trees, construction toys, and even the bikes - all leaving different interesting patterns!

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