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w/c 29th November 2021
This Week at Downend

This week in Downend, Nursery have been making music! The babies wrapped up warm to spend time outside exploring the musical instruments. They experimented with the percussion, noticing how hitting the triangle and shakers harder and softer make louder and quieter noises!

Back indoors in the sensory room the babies got stuck into a tray of spaghetti hoops. Some children chose to explore the mixture with spoons, stirring it into pots and bowls, whilst some used their hands to explore the squishy texture!

In the art studio this week babies have also been making tradition Sinterklaas hats! They could choose from paints, crayons or pencils to decorate their hats, and enjoyed making lots of marks and patterns over the paper.

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Kindergarten have also spent lots of time in the garden this week! The children first explored a snowy small world tray, with lots of toy vehicles and people sprinkled with snowy flour. The children tried out moving the toys through the 'snow', and discovered the different marks they could make! 

Elsewhere in the garden the children worked together to build an obstacle course out of the resources. The children did a great job navigating the different physical challenges - walking along the beams, jumping off steps and even getting the the basketball into the hoop - wow!

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This week Pre-School have been celebrating Hanukkah! The children looked through a book that explained some of the traditions and why people celebrate the Festival of Lights. They then tried making their own Star of David from wooden sticks!

This week Pre-School have also loved taking turns on the Woodwork Station! The children listened really well to their instructions and how to stay safe and use each of the tools, and took turns making creations out of balsa wood. 

Some children also got creative with clay this week! The children used their hands to mold and shape the clay, and decorated it with sequins, glitter and pipe cleaners. The children used their amazing imaginations to come up with lots of different creations!

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