w/c 28th March 2022
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, Nursery have been taking part in lots of different sensory activities! Some children explored an Animal Farm, full of small world toys and different textures like cereal and hay. The children reached out to pick up the animals, moving them through the different resources and discovering they could crunch and squish through the cornflakes and puffy rice!

There were more sensory explorations this week as the children were invited to rescue some toy animals frozen in ice! Parts of the toys stuck out, providing interesting physical challenges as the children picked up each piece and discovered that the ice melted and became slippy! The babies were given toy hammers and tools, and they experimented with tapping and moving the ice to eventually free the toys.

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Kindergarten this week got stuck into a small world driving activity! The children were given toy vehicles to move around on a tuff tray. This activity helps development in so many areas - the children learned to work together, navigating each other's space as they moved the cars, as well as developing number and colour recognition as they were challenged to 'park' their cars in the right places!

Kindergarten have also spent lots of time playing outdoors this week. They took part in some water play, choosing from lots of different receptacles and tools such as sieves, spoons and buckets. They explored moving water from one to the other, seeing how gravity makes the water fall and make big splashes! 

Some children also worked together with the construction blocks, deciding to create their own obstacle course. They took turns navigating the different challenges, balancing on the top of beams and crawling underneath too! 

Back inside the children expressed themselves with an art activity, with plenty of colours and tools to choose from. The children experimented with mixing colours together and making all kinds of marks and patterns on paper!

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This week Pre-School created their own sensory bottles! The children talked about the five different senses, and were given a variety of resources to explore such as dried herbs, shells, and food colouring. The children then chose which resources they wanted to use in their bottle and talked about what you could see, hear, taste, touch or smell inside them!

Pre-School have also been exploring the front garden area this week. First the adults went out to shut the gates, then the children looked out for signs of Spring! They noticed the flowers and leaves had started to grow, and they talked about the different textures they could feel in nature. 

Back inside, children have been spending time in their role play area which has been turned into an optician's! Some children tried on different glasses, and talked with the adults about why some people wear them. They also explored the 'office', typing on the computer and pretending to answer phone calls!

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