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w/c 28th February 2022
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, nursery have been exploring toy dinosaurs! Some children used them in the sand tray, moving them through the sand and observing how they leave marks as they go. In the art studio the children also used the dinosaurs to make marks on paper!

For World Book Day the babies went outside and read the book 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. Afterwards the children explored the lower garden on their own bear hunt, searching in the different areas looking for toy teddies!

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Kindergarten this week had a flipping good time with a pancake activity! The children made their own from playdough, adding their crafty 'toppings' such as glitter and dried pasta, using their hands to mould the dough. 

Spring is on its way and Kindergarten have been curious about the flowers that have been growing outside! They explored a garden themed tray, looking closely at the daffodils from petals to roots and role playing with the toy insects and soil. 

Kindergarten also celebrated St David's Day with a Welsh themed tray. The children read themed books with the adults and explored the leeks, giving them a sniff!

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For World Book Day, Pre-School had lots of fun exploring a 3 Little Pigs tray! The children recognised the characters from the book and played with the materials, trying to build houses from hay, sticks and straw!

On Shrove Tuesday some children had a go at making their own pancakes! They listened carefully to the instructions and went through each of the ingredients, adding them to the bowl and taking turns whisking them together. 

Pre-School also explored a book themed sensory tray, using their hands to dig through the shredded paper to find different characters! When they found one the children tried naming them and talking about the books that they came from.

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