w/c 25th April 2022
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, babies have been exploring their new sensory area! They particularly loved the bubble lamp, watching the colours change and noticing the fish inside rising and falling. 

Out in the garden some babies explored the large sandpit and mud kitchen! They explored the different utensils such as pots, cups and kettles, adding water to the dirt to create a sticky mix that they then poured into muffin trays and pots!

Back inside some babies focused really well on completing jigsaw puzzles. They looked carefully at the wooden pieces and had a go at fitting them into place, rotating the pieces and changing strategy if needed to get them all to fit!

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Kindergarten this week have been celebrating Earth Day! They got stuck into a themed tray, feeling the soft tissue paper and starry night sky. The children talked about our planet and what we can do to look after it, and later on extended their learning by getting out the globe and finding where we live! 

Out in the garden the children have really loved the physical equipment this week. Some parts the children asked for support with, holding their adult's hand, whilst some they tried independently! They navigated the long balance beams, the different textures of the tyres, and climbing the ladders.

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This week Pre-School went to the dining room to make some shortbread biscuits! First they measured the ingredients using the cups and scales, and mixed them together in a bowl. They all took turns using heart shaped cutters to stamp out the biscuits, and asked Mark to bake them up in the kitchen - yummy!

With the lovely sunny Spring weather Pre-School have spent lots of time in the garden. Some children chose to play with the toy dolls, using their imaginations to create names, roles and stories for the dolls and themselves, looking after them using the toy medical equipment!

The hammocks were put up in the nature area this week and the children couldn't wait to try them, climbing in and gently swinging - with some help from their friends!

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