w/c 22nd November 2021
This Week at Downend
It's our 10th Birthday!

It's been an amazing week of celebrations at Red Bus Downend!

Nursery loved dressing up as characters for 'R' day - we had lots of reindeers, robins and even rapunzel! There have also been lots of red themed activities. Some babies explored a bright red water tray - wow! They used their hands to make big waves and splashes and role played using the toy animals in the water. In the lower garden this week babies also went on an object hunt! The children searched for pictures of different red objects that were hidden around. Once found the children learned what the name of the object is and even tried repeating it, developing their language and communication!

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Kindergarten had a very messy morning this week, exploring ten bowls of different textures! They could choose from flour, beans, pasta, custard and much more. The children independantly decided which bowls to explore, discussing the different sensations they could feel and making new textures by mixing the bowls together! In the yurt this week some children played with red saltdough, using bus shaped stamps. The children listened really well to the adults and followed the instructions on how to make their own bus shapes! In the art studio this week Kindergarten worked together to make their own cardboard Red Bus, each taking an area to decorated with sequins and glitter. Afterwards they enjoyed role playing in the bus, taking their friends on lots of trips!

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This week Pre-School got creative in the kitchen, making delicious Red Bus biscuits! The children looked carefully through the recipe, and helped stir the mixture and add the red food colouring. Pre-School have also been learning some makaton this week, practicing the signs for 'Hello' 'Goodbye' - and even learned 'Happy Birthday Red Bus'! In the dining room some children took part in a taste test, exploring ten different red foods. The children were very brave, putting on a blindfold and taking a bite and using their words to describe what they could taste. They then guessed the food they had, and did a great job!

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