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w/c 21st March 2022
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, babies have been having fun in the ballpit! The children climbed in and moved around, practicing their throwing and catching with adults. 

Out in the garden this week babies explored the natural world around them! They looked closely at the grass, twigs, and leaves and collected them. They then made their own sensory bottles, adding them to cups and shaking them to see what different sounds they could make! 

The children also had lots of fun in the mud kitchen this week, using tools like spoons and ladles to stir and move the mud around and create delicious creations!

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Kindergarten have also had lots of fun outside this week! The children used paintbrushes to create artwork with water, making different shapes, patterns and splashes. The children then observed as the sunshine made the marks disappear, and talked about why that might happen!

The children have also been using their new explorer pods in the garden this week. They chose different things to put in the pods and look at closely, discussing what they could see in detail!

Back inside the children explored a sensory tray themed around the song 'Five Little Speckled Frogs'. Kindergarten picked up the different animals and tried counting out the numbers on them, and role played with them hopping off the logs! 

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This week Pre-School have been exploring their new role play area, which is a Doctor's Surgery! They have been helping their peers with various pretend ailments, practicing their back and forth interactions, and role playing with the medical toys and resources.

Outside in the garden the children had lots of fun in their new hammock! The children were very patient, waiting to take turns to climb in. Some children enjoyed swinging from side to side, where some enjoyed lying still and looking up at the sky! 

On the terrace Pre-School used their creative skills to make their own bowling game! The children stacked up the cardboard tubes and experimented with rolling different objects towards the target. 

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