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w/c 21st February 2022
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, Nursery have had some roaring good fun mark making with toy dinosaurs! The babies experimented with dipping the toys into paint and then to paper, lifting them up to reveal the marks underneath and repeating the process to make a pattern!

Some babies have also been learning about emotions. They picked up the wheel with their hands, working out how to move the discs to reveal different facial expressions. Some children then found the mirror and replicated the emotions to themselves!

Nursery also loved splashing about in a bubbly tray this week. The children role played washing up, using cloths to move the bubble and water on the toy pots, pans and plates. The babies loved the feel of the warm water and had lots of fun making splashes! 

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Kindergarten have been culinarily creative this week, baking some delicious biscuits! The children did a great job of listening to the grown ups as they explained the steps of the recipe, taking turns to stir the ingredients and cut shapes out of the dough. 

The children also got involved in some role play this week, exploring the set up of an Ice Cream Van! The children played together, taking on the roles of owner and customer. They used their incredible imaginations together, discussing their orders and sharing narratives. 

At the art table things got messy with a colour mixing activity! The children chose which colours they wanted to use, and used toy animals to mix and blend the colours together. They explored stamping them up and down as well as sweeping them across the paper to create a variety of marks!

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This week Pre-School also expressed themselves creatively, exploring the Woodwork Station! They listened brilliantly as the adults explained what we need to do to stay safe working here, and with supervision created some marvelous objects. 

Some children became mini scientists this week, taking part in an experiment on floating and sinking. As a group the children discussed their ideas on what would float in water, and what would sink to the bottom - and why. They then tested out their theories, gathering objects and placing them in the water tray to find out! The adults also added ice to the tray, which the children then discovered floats too!

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