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w/c 20th December 2021
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, Nursery have been letting it snow! The babies explored a sensory tray full of cotton balls, flour and sequins. They had great fun picking up all the different parts and feeling the textures with their hands, and throwing handfuls of 'snow' into the air!

Nursery have also loved spending time in the lower gardens this week, exploring the different resources. Some babies loved the musical instruments, discovering the different sounds they can make from the chimes! Other children took part in a game of hide and seek with the adults. They took turns, first searching for places to hide in the garden and then practicing their counting as they waited for the grown ups to hide too!

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Kindergarten this week have also been getting into the festive spirit, with lots of Christmassy tuff trays! There were a variety of resources to explore - the children picked up the tinsel, bells, and small world toys and talked about what they could see and the different textures they could feel!

Out in the garden there was much excitement this week as Kindergarten took delivery of a brand new tractor. The children showed great patience and sharing as they all waited for a turn to take the driver's seat!

Back inside the art studio has been busy with lots of different activities. Some children made handprint Christmas cards, whilst some made snowmen from fluffy cotton wool, whilst others explored the Christmas shaped painting stamps!

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Pre-School have also been busy in their art studio this week, making individual Christmas decorations! The children picked up the sequins and carefully stuck them down onto their paper, making beautiful creations. 

Pre-School have also been busy writing their letters to Santa this week! As a group they all talked about what presents they would like, and either drew or wrote down what they wanted on a piece of paper. They then made sure to post off their letter in the postbox!

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