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W/C 1st November 2021
This Week at Downend

This week at Downend, we have been celebrating Diwali and learning all about Bonfire Night with lots of different activities! Babies created some Diwali lanterns – first they decorated a piece of paper using crayons, then the adults helped to cut and shape the paper into a lantern! The children then tried using glue to stick on lots of brightly coloured pompoms. Nursery have also had great fun exploring the gardens this week, trying out all the new resources! Some children spent time in the mud kitchen, using the spoons, pots and pans and mixing together mud and bark to make delicious made up meals. Babies also particularly loved the wheelbarrow, taking turns to sit in eat and ride around the garden!

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This week Kindergarten have been getting creative with clay, making their own diya oil lamps! The children were shown some examples, and used their hands to mould and move the clay. Afterwards they decorated them with sequins, feathers and glitter! In the garden some children explored a new way of making artwork, using spray chalk paint! Working as a group, the children discovered how to press the spray button and experimented with holding the paint close to the paper or far away, and mixing colours together to make a collective artwork that looks just like fireworks! Back inside the children got stuck into a bright and beautiful Diwali themed sensory tray, full of rainbow coloured rice and power paint. The children used their hands to mix everything together, and whilst they did talked about Diwali and why we celebrate it.

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This week Pre-School explored their fine motor skills and creativity with a colourful tray! The children used pompoms, wooden sticks and sequins to trace over a chalk mandala. They worked together, deciding what to put where and creating mathematical patterns with repeating colours! In the art studio children explored lots of mark making activities. Some children looked at some intricate henna patterns, and tried making their own on a paper hand outline. Some children created their own paper lanterns, following the instructions to cut, glue and construct the finished object! Some pre-schoolers also made their own clay diya lamps too. With bonfire night soon approaching the children also got stuck into an activity tray with houses, people and animals watching fireworks and circling a paper bonfire! As they played, the children discussed how they celebrate bonfire night and what they do to keep safe around bonfires.

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